Great place to buy engine from, fast shipping, great engine, highly recommend

Gary P

This is regarding invoice number: 202649 Just wanted to say thanks. Got my engine installed. It wasnt an exact replacement but what the heck. I was able to use a few parts from my old one and it worked out perfectly. But what is best is the engine runs like a new engine. Its nice and quiet and powerful unlike my previous engine. I looked high and low for a low mileage engine. EATW came through. But what impressed me most was how new the engine looked. I will keep EATW in mind for any future needs. Thank you.

Robert W.

I purchased an engine for my 2002 Audi A6 3.0 last year and it was the best investment I made.Due to long work hrs and a cold winter with little heat in my garage my son and myself completed the engine swap.My son is a UTI graduate and Audi nut.Really was very easy for him.Thanks to all for all your help.My Audi drives like the first day I purchased it.Hope to send pictures of the start to finish.If anybody need an engine or transmission this is your place

K Schearer

My new engine is flawless! It drives like a new car. Dealing with E T W. was effortless. My sales rep was kind and helpful. The delivery was on time. I recommended you to my mechanic, he was impressed as well. The cost was better than all of the estimates I researched. ETW has a good thing going. Thank you so much.

Rick G.

i could not find how to post a testimony.i have been dealing with dale and i can not remember the young ladies name in shipping. they both have help me on this engine on my 03 svt lightning.i have not had custemer service like this in a long time yall will be my first choice next time i need a engine. i have been a manager for 6 years i wish my guys at my my job would help our custmers like they have me. thank yall for everthing


Just to let you know how happy I am with you. Everything works as a clock, your time frame for delivery and the condition of the engine was superb. I just took out my 2006 MB E350 from the Mercedes dealer that replaced the engine and it is running like new. Thank You very much


I just wanted to thank you. The engine for my 2001 Toyota Corola arrived on time and is installed and runs great. The mechanic who installed it said the engind is solid and should last me a long time. Thanks again!


just following up I received the engine today and everything looks good. I want to let you know I will recommend your company in the future. I thank you for working with me. I found your staff to be very helpful and professional.


THANK YOU!! Just installed the engine we ordered from you. I couldnt be happier with the way it runs. I install several engines a year. You have a new customer. Thanks again!


Just wanted to let you know that the engine you sent me arrived within 15 minutes of the time that I requested it be delivered. It was installed and is working very well. I would not hesitate recommending your company to anyone. Thanks for the great job.


I am so happy with my Mazda Engine I received. My Husband & I installed it and it started right up on the second turn of the key after the fuel system was primed up. I will definitely tell my Friend,Family & CoWorker that you are the 1st and only stop when lookng to buy a replace engine. Thank You!

Kimberly Daw

Hello, Allen, Dale, Joe, & John: I want to take the time to thank all of you again!!! Thank you for your dedication in following through with patience and good humor in answering all my questions & requests! There is just one more request remaining... Big surprise, right? (I know...Not so much...) Before the engine gets loaded on the truck, can you take a quick snapshot of it and send the picture as an attachment? (To give my mechanics an idea of what to expect in the shipment) Thanks again so very much for all your help and dedication to superior customer service! Im purchasing the 380SEL engine and having it shipped to my auto shop.


thank you for your quick response,thats when you can tell a company cares about its customers


Hi, Just wanted to write and let you know that Im very Please with my new motor. My car runs stronger and turns on fast. No more oil and water leaking from anywhere.No more Lifter noises and low oil pressure. My Car runs like the 1st day I bought her. Thanks Guys for having such a great company and a nice group of folks there. Best regards Sincerely In San Francisco

John G Saybe

I am writing to tell you my engine is installed and running good. So far I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you and I will recomend you to my friends.

Patrick Baker

I want to personally thank your company for the satisfaction of supplying an engine for my car. The engine supposedly had 43,399 miles on it but it performs as if it was brand new. The affordable pricing and condition of the engine for a 1997 Acura CL 3.0 delivered to the dealership was unbelievable and I would highly recommend to anyone that is uneasy about shopping online for engines and transmissions. The customer service communication and shipment tracking was excellent and thank you again for a quality product.

Glenn Clemons

Thank you for helping me with the transmission for my 1998 VW Jetta, every thing is fine and I will tell all my friends how dealing with you has saved me lots of $ and got one more soldier back on the road! Thank you again

Ryan J. Mcdermott

I would like to that all the great testimonials left about this company are 100% true, i called looking for a 2.6 isuzu motor for my sons amigo he is in Iraq at the moment, these folks went out of there way to find me a motor in my area so i could save a little money and have it ready for him when he returns. These people are one of the few good outfits out there,you would be crazy to deal with any body else. You people are A CLASS ACT !! Thank you so much. Kerry, Grass Valley Ca.


Thanks, the transmission work and shifts great after running the learning process, I am another very satisfied customer. Well worth the money $1051.00 Part/Labor installed!

Walter Balestrieri

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I got my transmission in and it is running fine.Thank you for a great deal and excellent customer support.Engine & Transmission World will be the first place I look and the place I recommend to my friends looking for quality autoparts. Thank you again,

Michael Kozik



Transmission was installed on Friday/Saturday November 9/10. All new filters, gaskets, fluids installed at same time. Vehicle now has 450 miles on installed tranny and all is doing well. Thank you. Respectfully,

Harold E. Keys

I was just wanting to thank you for your help in locating a transmission for my daughters car so fast. I was pleased with price of the transmission as well as the condition as I had recieved it from shipping. I have already installed the transmission, and it works like new! I will keep you in mind for future parts needs,and I will let my friends know about you also .

Sincerly, Jack Tribble Jr.

The 2002 KIA 1.5 that I bought from you is working out like a new one. Did first oil change after 2000 miles. Using Castrol Syntech (as advised by Kia dealer). At 60 mph it is getting 42 mpg on Hwy and 32-35 mpg City. Fantastic little motor. Made my RIO a new car. Thanks,....catch you later.

Wes Brashers, Milton-Freewater, Oregon

I am writing this to let you know how pleased I am with your service and product. The engine I bought from you was well worth the money. It was 2,000 dollars cheaper than a re-built. My mechanic tested the engine and he informed me that it checks out the same as a new engine for leak down and compression. Your professionalism is much appreciated and I would highly recommend you to others, not something that I would usually do for an internet site, as I am always skeptical of claims made on the web. Not to worry about Engine & Transmission World, the claims made here are accurate; the CarFax I received confirmed the mileage that was on the engine, backed-up by my mechanic and his testing. I have put over 1,000 miles on the engine thus far and it has not missed a beat. The engine was very clean and intact when I received it, saving me lots of cash in change over charges. There is no possible way that you could go wrong with Engine & Transmission World!! Their engines are what they say they are; my truck runs as good as a new one without the major expense of a new vehicle. I highly recommend dealing with the friendly staff at Engine & Transmission World. They answered all of my -stupid- questions, making the transaction a painless process. Again, I thank you for your time and service!! Sincerely,

Brian Manning

Just a note to say the engine showed up, was installed and so far it runs like a brand new truck! The power and acceleration is unsurpassed. The power and acceleration is much stornger now than when I had the original 305. Thanks

Rick Seccondro

Thank You. The transmission part was delivered this afternoon. That was faster than expected. Second day after payment was made from Wisconsin to Minnesota. Thank you for performing beyond expectation.

Kunle A. Mafe Crystal, Minnesota

I am very pleased at the quality of the engine supplied by your company. The engine appears to be what it was reported to be with low milage (38000) and in good condition. Thanks for the good work and helpful people.

Walter R. Curtis

Guys: I recently ordered, received and installed an engine for my son's 2002 Mazda Protege5. Everything went smoothly, the engine arrived in a timely fashion and runs great. I am very happy with the entire transaction and will recommend you to others. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Thank You

Guys: Too often people are quick to criticize when they get poor service or disappointed in the performance of a product. Good products at low prices often go unrecognized. I recently purchased an engine from you. The engine arrived in immaculate condition. More importantly, after a painful installation the engine performs like new (in fact better than new since the original engine had a bad case of piston slap). I recently completed a cross country trip (from Upstate NY to Phoenix Arizona) two weeks after installation. Although I still have my fingers crossed, I want to thank you for a good product at a low cost.


Dear sirs, I am very pleased with the Ford engine that you sent to me. It has been installed and the engine is working very nicely. Thank you for your good product and service.

Peter Bolz

I have recieved both engines - the 2004 Altima and 2000 Lincoln. Both were in immaculate condition and ready for installation. I have had the Altima engine in now for a couple of days and must say it runs as good as it looked. Even though it took longer than expected it was worth it and I hope to do business with you again. Thanks,


To whom it may concern, Just ordered the transmission. I must say first impressions are important. We live in a world where a lot of people have forgotten that there pay checks come from the customer and not the CEO or president or who ever. They took just enough time to be personal yet to the point about the business transaction. Good experience so far. Thank you and I hope everyone there despite all the snow has a great weekend.

Rick Stafford

I want to take this moment to thank all the folks that shipped out the transmission for my son's truck. The trans arrived as scheduled and was in new condition, clean, ect and was then installed by myself and my son (quality bondi time) and works as advertised. Thanks so much and I will keep ETW at the top of my list from now on. Growing up in N. Illinois it sure is great to receive that courtesy. Again thanks to all

James Sprecher

Hi there I recently purchased a trans for a 97 merc villiager. I installed easily and is great working order.. Very satisfied..

Dwight Lewis

WOW!!! I wanted to THANK YOU and leave my MOST POSITIVE INPUT!!! I purchased an engine from you a few weeks back, and wanted to share the fact that I was entirely liery since we normally get screwed when we buy something from a place we are not familiar with.I filled out the info on used parts central and was contacted by you. I was also send an e-mail warning me that there are people who scam so when I was contacted by you guys, with a response that you had an engine with 25 k miles for $1000.00 I was like c'mon...it has to be to good to be true. I received it less then 10 business days and it was CLEAN. Today was the 1st day that I was able to drive it since the engine was dropped in, and I feel like I have a BRAND NEW CAR!! It runs smooth!!! Almost 2 smooth!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it won't do me wrong, but at this point, I am MORE then satisfied!!! 10 STARS to you Engine & Transmission World!!!!! I will refer you to everyone I know, my uncle has an auto parts store and I will make sure he recommends you to his customers who need the BIG STUFF!!!!

Deanne Henle

The BMW transmission arrived Thursday,was installed Friday and is working perfectly. I made the right choice out of the 22 responses I had. Just wanted to say thanks so much....

Wayne in Berea, Ky

We have installed the trans. for the 1992 ford explorer and are really happy with it. As life is always changing; I now have a need for a trans. for a 1996 dodge grand caravan auto, with a 3.3 engine. Will probably go on junk yard dog again, but I'm very pleased with are last transaction and will give your top priority.


I recently purchased the insurance salvage 2.4L quad GM engine, invoice #01057514. My mechanics expertly installed this engine in my '97 Pontiac Grand AM GT and I am happy to report that my car is now running like when it was new. My wife says she will never complain about me paying for internet service ever again. It would have taken a long time conventionally by telephone and newspaper advertising and would have been costly to find a replacement engine for our car. In this case, I advertised my engine request on the internet at 2:46 PM on 09/19/2004 and less than four hours later, at 6:40 PM, you responded with e-mail, that you had the engine I was looking for. I would have spent 3-5 times more for a rebuilt or factory engine. I want to thank Engine & Transmission World for being trustworthy and special thanks for their excellent customer satisfaction skills in dealing with me, a first time internet salvage auto part purchaser, I was never treated as a hindrance or interruption and all my questions were fully answered. You can be assured of a speedy call the next time me or my family and friends need an auto part.

Sincerely, Fred Frye

This to inform you guys that the engine that was shipped to me is an great engine. A few minor changes, but all in all that engine started up like a new engine. I thank you for a great engine at a great price. I would refer you to anyone that would need parts.

Thanks again, Milton Perez

I have a 1998 S90 Volvo and I had about 211,350 mile and my engine started ticking on the way to work and I stopped at a Volvo dealer and had the service department to take a look and they said that I had needed a new engine. So they gave me a prices for a factory rebuilt engine for about $5700.00 to $5800.00 plus installation and the next deal was to get me a used engine with 70,000 miles on it for about $3500.00 plus installation and the total was about $5500.00 complete. So I went on the internet and found Engine & Transmission World. They had about 3 to 4 engines to choose from and I selected one with bout 32,000 miles on it and had it shipped to the Volvo dealership where I was going to have the work done. We received the engine and checked it over and we found a problem. Engine & Transmission World quickly found and replaced the engine with a better engine in three days. The engine had 16,000 miles on it. The engine was checked out by my mechanic and it was perfect. The installation went very smooth and I had my car back in two days and when I looked at my engine I was in shock, it looked brand new and started up like brand new. I am totally satisfied and pleased with the service and the quality of the engine that I had purchased from ETW and I will tell anybody if you need a quality used engine with a great warranty call these guys first you will not go wrong. The cost of my engine was 1/2 the cost of the engine with 70,000 miles on it and located here in North Carolina. I have never purchased an engine over the internet before and from another state. ETW stands behind their products and I will recommend them to anybody who needs parts. I want to thank Engine & Transmission World for being trustworthy and special thanks to them for their excellent customer service skills in dealing with me, a first time internet salvage auto part purchaser.

Thank you, James Goode Volvo Trucks North America Senior Designer - CAD Engine Installation

It was my joy and an esteemed pleasure to do business with you. I was searching a part for my vehicle and I went on web search and my search ended with you. Your customer relationship was EXCELLENT and you quoted price was competitive and shipping was prompt. Thank you for your strait and honest deal. God bless.

Rev. Basharat Masih

I'd like to take a minute to offer the very highest praise for Engine & Transmission World. I initially ordered a motor, finding that they had the best value/lowest mileage engines available from all the quotes (and there were many quotes I received, at least 15, ranging from $1500 for a motor with well over 100,000 miles on it, to $400 with 80,000 miles). I finally decided to go with the offer from you, which was $500 for a 51,000 mile motor. The motor was here in 7 days, well within the range promised. Unfortunately, the motor had an oil pressure problem, and after a quick email to them, everything was settled. Despite the fact that under the terms of the warranty, I could have been out significant shipping costs for a replacement, they took care of me. As I recall, the salesperson's exact words were: "We are going to do whatever it takes to make this right". The replacement motor arrived 3 days later, was installed, and performs as if it were factory new. I can't offer any higher recommendation or praise for this company. If you are in the market for parts, have no fear that you will receive what you need, very quickly, and if there turns out to be a problem (which, let's face it.... things happen), this company will go above and beyond to make things right. I intend to call you guys first in the future for any part requirements I may have.

Matt Morgan

Hello Just wanted to let you folks know how much I appreciated the service and help for this transmission. I had my concerns about ordering a used transmission from the internet but any worries were soon gone. The transmission was received as promised, actually even better than promised, and was packaged professionally. Best of all it works like a dream and the car is like brand new. I installed it myself so you can appreciate what it means to have the right part that works. Thanks again and you can count on my business in the future.


Hello, I just wanted to let you know engine installing went well. I was a little uneasy about getting a engine from internet. But you guys were great. Sent engine right to the shop that put engine in for me. 180 day warranty sure beat out the local yard with a 30 day.

Robert Fitzgerald

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