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With economy being good or bad we have to save money where we can, and you can save hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars by getting used engines or used transmissions to repair your car, truck, Van, SUV or whatever gets you around. Here at Engine and Transmission World, we offer you a chance to save money by purchasing used engines. This means that these car engines and car transmissions are for the person who is smart about their budget. Whether you're looking for Toyota used engines or Ford used transmissions, you can save by purchasing used products for your truck or car. The best part about purchasing used Engines or Car Transmissions is that they're always OEM replacement parts and economical!!


People are always curious about buying replacement engines and transmissions for their vehicle and are normally very surprised to find out how easy it can be when done right. In many cases the cost for labor to replace an engine or transmission can be lower than some small electrical items! The benefit of course of replacing this major part is the incredible savings over trying to replace the entire vehicle.

Just keep all the good stuff like the alternator, starter, distributor, ac compressor, intake and exhaust manifold and once the replacement engine is installed these items can be re-attached just like they were before. This can save you a good bit as well when purchasing a replacement used engine.
Remember, your car runs on used parts and when dealing with us here at Engine and Transmission World you know you are dealing with a company thats been in the business for many years and knows how to deliver a great product. Just checkout out our testimonials page to see some actual emails we get every week from happy customers!


Well, enough said on our part! You can find your used engine or transmission by calling us direct at the number above or you can fill out a request and one of our agents will call you back or send you a reply email.


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